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There are many important characteristics that define the character of the leader or manager. They are essential for successful business. There are different views of the characteristics of the leader or manager. The personal and professional might be in conflict or in harmony with each other. Nevertheless, the effective leader would be the person who knows how to utilize them to achieve his or her goals. In the following paragraphs, I will try to identify these traits. Additionally, I will describe the personal and professional values I think the successful leader should have.

It is found (Zaccaro et al., 2004) that the search to identify the traits of the efficient leader is as old as the human civilization and there are diverse answers to what would be the traits of the efficient leader. The most important ones as stated by Collins (2005) are to understand his or her subordinates, peers, and superiors and the ability to communicate his or her vision with them effectively. The leader or manager should also believe in his or her ability to succeed and have trust in his or her capabilities. In addition, the leader or manager should believe that success is a process that requires continuous efforts and that it takes time and hard work to achieve the desired goals. It is crucial that the leader or manager should be straightforward in identifying goals, and the procedures to achieve them, and the awareness of the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the leader or manager should have a disciplined nature that would help him or her transform his or her organization into a great one.  The humility and will are thought to be essential adjectives of the successful leader or manager.


There might be differences between your personal and professional values. However, I would think that the personal values are useful in professional life because it is believed (Hazard Jr., 1992) that professional values are affected greatly by the personal values and that For example, the lawyer’s actions in his work are influenced by his or her personal values. I would believe that teamwork spirit is essential in succeeding in personal life and career. Moreover, it is important to be kind and fair in your relationships outside and inside work. Being creative and able to negotiate effectively are personal values but they are crucial to have successful communications with people in the professional environment.  The ability to utilize the available resources to achieve the required aims is needed in personal life and they are very important for achieving the required results in business. The understanding of the significance of the information and the ability to analyze them to reach the right decisions are desired to achieve success personal life and consequently in evaluating options in the business. The ethical nature that governs both personal and professional values is required for the person to be able to move in the right direction.

In conclusion, it is clear that the personality traits are important to help leader or manager attains his or her aims. Moreover, the professional and personal values are found to be completing each other in getting the things done right in the personal life and career.

Issue Prepared by : THE PEAK Business Research Center ,

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(Accessed: 11/3/2014)


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